Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Policy on Teaching Classes with my Tutorials

I'd love you to teach classes on my projects! Here is the Fine Print on that...

Feel free to teach any of my tutorials as classes.
You can verbally instruct for classes but you cannot forward, rewrite, copy or hand out my tutorials.

Projects made with my tutorials cannot be submitted for contests or publication as I reserve that right for myself.

As a special offer to Stampin' Up! Demonstrators who teach my tutorials as classes, I will e-mail each of your guests a copy of the tutorial at a fee of $2.50 each. Most demonstrators have been adding the $2.50 into the registration fee. If you are interested in this, I’ll need a list of e-mail addresses from you, the demonstrator, as proof they have paid you, and the date you want it released.. Then I'll follow up with you by sending you a PayPal invoice for the fees. The tutorials will be sent to your customers after the invoice has been paid.
Please contact me if additional details are required.

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